Sleepy Time Line Up

My daughter has recently developed a strange fixation on the arrangement of the stuffed animals in her bed.  I like to think that my daughter is normally a pretty even-keeled 4 year-old.  She has her moments, of course, but for the most part she’s pretty laid back.  But the girl is obsessed with her stuffed animals.

Kiki has 7 different stuffed animals that she must sleep with every night.  This may sound like a harmless situation.  It may even sound adorable to picture my sweet little angel surrounded by soft and fuzzy stuffed animals while she sleeps.  It’s not adorable.  Let me tell you why.  My daughter is weirdly obsessed with how the stuffed animals are arranged.  She gets genuinely frantic about it.  Here’s a typical conversation that can be heard in my daughter’s room every night after we turn out the lights.

Kiki:  (voice quivering in panic)  Can you straighten my friends?

Me:  I did.  They’re fine.

Kiki:  But did you do them like I like?

Me:  Yes.

Kiki:  Camabear first, face up?

Me:  Yes.  And then Camadog.

Kiki:  Face down?

Me:  Yes.

Kiki:  And then Nala?

Me:  Yes.

Kiki:  Face down?

Me:  Yes.  And then Purpy face down too.

Kiki:  (panicked again)  But what about Rainbow Dash?

Me:  She’s on the end.

Kiki:  Where’s Minnie?

Me:  (UGH!)  She’s right beside you on the other side with Mickey next to her.

Kiki:  (starting to cry)  No!  Mickey first and THEN Minnie.

Me:  Ack!  Sorry.  I’ll switch them.  There.  GO TO SLEEP!

It’s weird what kids decide to obsess about.  What do your kids obsess about?


One thought on “Sleepy Time Line Up

  1. If it makes you feel better when I was little I only slept with one stuffed animal/doll each night but they had to be in order aka to be FAIR to the animals I slept with each one equally. I think early OCDish, but showed my early signs of fairness and logic, had led me to be an anal and organized adult which has served me well in adulthood. 😉

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