Bests and Worsts

So, this is basically going to sound like me giving myself one big pat on the back, but what I’m about to transcribe was a very genuine moment provided by none other than Little Miss.  For those of you who know her, you know that LM comes with a lot of sass.  And by a lot I mean A LOT.  She has a comeback for everything and combined with her weird and wonderful creativity and intelligence, well, it all equals up to sass.  As others of you who are close to me know, we have our struggles.  She is entirely demanding in a way that is hard to explain.  She is very well behaved and a good listener but she talks constantly, and asks for things constantly, and has to be encouraged (and I use that word politely) to spend any time entertaining herself.  It can be a real emotional drain.  But alongside that same temperament comes a sweetness that is pure.  It almost seems naïve but I prefer to think of it as wise and selfless and truly loving.

The story I’m about to share requires some background and here it is:  Sometimes we are good at gathering for family dinner, recently not so much.  For one reason or another (end of summer, back to school transition, Jim’s travel schedule) we just haven’t been able to meal plan, grocery shop and have the energy to present and serve a dinner.  The kids have been eating whatever I can throw together and we’ve been eating tuna, soup, cereal, frozen meal, etc..  This week we’ve had two family dinners.  We’re on a roll.  One of the things that Lucy reminded us to resurrect at our family dinner is a game in which we go around the table and talk about our “bests” and “worsts” of the day.

Me:  My best moment was feeling good at my job.  My worst moment was a 45 minute tantrum thrown by my last client.

Jim:  My best moment was a good morning at the gym.  My worst moment was a work problem.

LM:  My best moment is having this family dinner right now (and my heart melted).


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